About Us

About Us

Gujarat Silicon strives to be recognized worldwide as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of Colloidal Silica Sol and Anti Fouling Nano Coatings. We manufacture Colloidal Silica Sol and Anti Fouling Nano Coatings :

  • to customer specifications,
  • custom-designed and developed to meet unique applications,
  • that are proprietary products available as stock items.

We are passionate about becoming the first company that manufacturers call upon when they are looking for Colloidal Silica Sol and Anti Fouling Nano Coatings:

  • with the fastest turnaround and delivery in the industry
  • that are the best products for their desired application
  • that we develop in the spirit of collaboration and partnership with our clients

Our dedication to our employees in maintaining a high trust, harmonious corporate culture translates into long-term customer relationships and high morale that enable us to be easy to work with and dependable, year in and year out. Since our inception in 1995 , we have continued to focus on providing personalized attention in delivering exceptional quality standard of our products and unparalleled service to every customer, on every order.